Bartender Simulator – a unique combination of a simulation with elements of a management game, has just been announced by Gameparic. It’s the second game announced by the developer this year.

Bartender Simulator will let the player become a bartender and a bar manager at the same time. The bartending adventure in Bartender Simulator starts in a small bar with a limited variety of drinks. Through the game it develops into new drink recipes, bartending tricks and expansion of the business. Player’s goal will be to make both the bar and the bartender the most famous in the city.

“Bartender Simulator is not about putting the right ingredients together to make a drink. The game will let the player feel what real bartending is about – make the clients feel good in your bar. You’ll be able to listen to your guests’ stories, give them advice or cheer them up if needed.”, says Marcin Wenus, CEO of Gameparic.

The game uniquely combines a first-person perspective simulator with elements of a management game. On one hand, players will need to focus on making drinks in line with the original recipes, entertaining clients with bartending flair and growing bartending skill sets. On the other hand, they will need to pay close attention to daily bar supplies and improve the interior to fit clients’ expectations. 

Bartender Simulator watch the official trailer

Bartender Simulator official trailer was released today at 9:00 am (EST) and is now available on Steam. If you like this game, please add Bartender Simulator to your Steam wishlist.

Gameparic, part of the PlayWay Group, is a game developer and publisher. The firm specializes in sophisticated services for the gaming industry, including marketing and community management. Gameparic has lately announced El Dorado: The Golden City Builder – a city-building economic strategy game. In total, Gameparic plans to announce 4 new titles in 2020.

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